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Materials Required For Both Telegram Group & Website/Blog Advert Placement:

A brief write-up highlighting the benefits of your product/service or business including your contact details or an attractive or catchy banner/flyer or picture displaying your product or service and also showing/displaying your contact details.

Cost Analysis:

Advert Placement On Telegram Group Per Week/7days - ₦500

Advert Placement On Website/Blog Per Week/7days - ₦1000

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Designing of Banner For Clients Without Banner - ₦300

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Benefits of guest posting on Pplnetwork

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Guidelines for Guest posting.

Writers submitting article posts must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure their posts are accepted:

  1. All posts must be original and written 100% by you. We run each submission through a Plagiarism detector software that prompt us when a content was copied from another site. Such articles will be discarded.
  2. All posts must be a minimum of 300 words long.
  3. Maximum amount of links to your site in a post is 3. Anymore and your post will be rejected.
  4. Your submission must be valuable to our audience. We do not accept overly self-promotional content.
  5. Posts must all have images and correct citation links to sources.
  6. Individual image sizes should be no larger than 200KB.
  7. Include a brief author bio (200 characters), with a 150×150 head-shot
  8. Editors also reserve the right to edit, re-purpose and rearrange submissions according to their discretion.
  9. PPLNETWORK may include display ads and in-house calls-to-action within the content with no monetary compensation to the subscriber writer.
  10. And lastly, we receive a considerable amount of contribution requests daily. As such, submissions that do not adhere to the above guidelines are at the risk of being discarded.

How to submit your article post?

Send all submissions in Microsoft word attachments to article@pplnetwork.com.ng with links and photos embedded within. Subject of the mail must be titled as  Writer Contributor.

Only those who get published will receive a response with a link to their published posts in the email we will send.